Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Should I say or should I not?

I hate teasing my readers. But, I just spent 40 minutes writing one of my longest posts ever.

But I'm afraid to post it. It's rather personal and could create some problems.


Let me suffice it to say that it's someone's birthday and I wrote a post about her.

Idea for a book:
All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From My Ex-Girlfriends
By Logan's Dave

I am not, nor am I capable of becoming, a vegetarian.

Taste in music can break up a couple, especially if one is on a listener advisory board for the greatest radio station in the world.

Summer dresses drive me crazy.

I can be closed, emotionally, and sometimes it is for the best.

I prefer honest women over everything else.

Older women are ideal to me- I feel more in touch with them than women even my own age.

It is possible to take off a one-piece bathing suit in less than 3 seconds, if properly done.

It is possible to redress yourself in less than 6 seconds, if properly done, when your friend walks in the room, only if you're really good. Watch that zipper.

A sense of humor is paramount.

I don't like hiking. Camping, canoeing, fine, hiking, no.

The missionary position is not good on knees, especially when preformed a) in bathtubs, b) on floors or c) in cars.

Women who like movies and concerts are great. Women who like hockey are keepers.

Love knows no boundaries.

Never hang wallpaper with someone you love(this was actually passed down from my parents, but I felt it was good for the list).

I like to cook, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it.

I am inexplicably attracted to theatre majors.

I don't usually date blondes, but it's never stopped me.

Never plan a surprise party when her friends are just as likely to want to surprise you. They will.

Brains always wins out over beauty.

Love me, love my cat. It's a rule.

Sharing a bathroom is a hazardous endeavor.

Religous parents don't like me, and are not likely to change their minds.

Women who appreciate a shaved head are definitely keepers.

This list is by no means over. I'm just running low on time at work. More either later, or tomorrow. Depending on inspiration.


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