Saturday, April 23, 2005

Something amazing.

Last night my best friend came over and we watched Sideways together.

I wasn't too impressed. I found the characters revolting. Despicable. Not that the film wasn't without good lines, I was just unhappy with the movie as a whole.

Afterwards, however, I was stunned, shocked, awed by the fact that the 10pm Simpsons episode was "The City of New York vs Homer Simpson." Here's the synopsis from
New York City to Homer Simpson: Drop dead! When Barney steals Homer's car and leaves it illegally parked between the Twin Towers, Homer and his family are forced to go to the Big Apple to retrieve it. Homer confesses that he has hated New York ever since a bad experience there as a young man, but Marge and the kids are excited to check the city out. Once there, Homer heads downtown to get the car while the others check out the sites. Homer finds that his car has been fitted with a boot by the police, who have also papered his windshield with piles of parking tickets. Enraged when he misses his chance to talk withthe cop responsible for the boot, Homer drives off with the thing still stuck on his car, tearing up the pavement all along Broadway. Homer uses a pile driver to break the boot, but winds up breaking much of his car in the process. After tracking down Marge and the kids and loading them into the ripped-up car, Homer speeds away from New York City, vowing never to return.

I was amazed. I figured I would never see that episode again. Does this mean we've healed as a country? Has it been long enough that we aren't afraid to show the WTC on TV?

Thoughts? Opinions? You know what to do.


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