Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And then anger set in.

Somehow, my day went from blissful, post-coital sleep to focused rage. I don't like this side of my personality. I shouldn't let shit get to me. It's probably why I have high blood pressure. Well, that along with my shit diet, which, although I have improved it, is probably still to shitty.

I'm mad at a friend of mine. I'm mad at our customers. To quote Top Gun "I want some butt!"


I'm going to get my lunch together and hopefully settle down a bit. After all, I've got pre-made food at home, more food for Wednesday, not to mention that not only is Pub Quiz done, but I've already printed out most of what we'll need for tonight.

What could be better? I think it's high time I accentuated the positive.


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