Friday, May 06, 2005

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad Logan's Dave

After work yesterday I hoofed it over to Dearborn to take the 22 bus up to my former employer, Tower Records. I was heading up there to buy tickets to a certain playoff hockey game for myself and 6 friends. Of course, whenever I grace that store with my presence, my old friends who are still there and I have to catch up. We don't get to see each other nearly as often as we used to, after all.

After I got my tickets, I wandered the store, looking for my old friends, and caught up with some, and got invited to the restaurant downstairs for drinks. Figuring I could have a couple and still get home in time to go grocery shopping(finally) and make dinner, I agreed.

That was my big mistake.

We wound up drinking for some time, then, when people started to realize how much trivia I have in my head, we just had to play NTN. Then it became "c'mon, just one more game, Dave." Ugh. Not the wisest of ideas I've had recently, but I did get to have fun and catch up with some good people. I finally got home at about 8:30, in desperate need of food and in no place to cook myself, so take out was ordered and hurriedly consumed, then bed was crawled off to, but only after I placed a drunken phone call to Red to see if I could convince her to come over, but she was at work, so it wasn't to be.

So needless to say, I'm in a slow mood this morning. Slow enough that I missed my train this morning. I decided that hopping the bus and taking the Red Line down would be the good idea. Not so much, it turns out. I looked at my watch when we got downtown, and realized that I needed a taxi. I needed it now. Taxi #1 didn't see me until the last minute, and someone else got in it before I was able to cross the street. Taxi #2 was at a stand outside a hotel, and decided to be a dick about taking me to work. Taxi #3 waved me off, causing me to get very pissed off, and finally taxi #4 stopped, I got in, but he misheard me and drove to 55 E Jackson instead of 550 W Jackson. This was a minor infraction which was easily rectified. He also agreed with me that the taxi stand guy was a dick.

The end result was that I was 5 minutes late to work, which would have been about the same result had I just waited for the next Brown Line train to show up. It was a good lesson to learn, that fortunately only cost me $8 to learn.


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