Friday, May 27, 2005

Kamakaze Karaoke, of sorts.

The Globe, home to my pub quiz(Tuesdays from 8-10, benefitting the MS Society of Illinois) now hosts karaoke on Thursday nights, from 9-12. Last night was my debut, something I've been meaning to do for some time, as the KJ has become a pub quiz regular.

Red and I showed up after we went out for a rare evening out dining together(she works in a restaurant, I work in financials, not exactly compatable schedules) at the Duke of Perth, we headed over to pay hommage to the great karaoke god in the sky. I warmed up with a couple of standards, then Red and I started with the "do this one for me" bit. Then, after a couple of failed attempts, I got her to sing Son of a Preacher Man for me. Her challenge to me? Oh, it was a challenge all right- Keep Your Hands to Yourself. I'd like to think I pulled it off. I thought I sounded good, considering it's a little too high for me.

At least I fought the good fight.


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