Friday, May 27, 2005

Logan's Dave-o-scope

Red got this for me the other day. I wish I knew what website it came from, so I could share it with y'all. Here's a nice breakdown of my personality, as the stars tell it.

A SuperPower Report for dave Born 10/04/1973 22:37
In Sterling, IL (41N47 89W42 zone: 5 hrs)

Planet Longitude Declination
Sun 11 Libra 46 4S39
Moon 19 Capricorn 28 20S33
Mercury 3 Scorpio 13 14S07
Venus 25 Scorpio 14 20S59
Mars 7 Taurus 34 11N17
Jupiter 2 Aquarius 22 20S23
Saturn 4 Cancer 37 22N17
Uranus 22 Libra 42 8S18
Neptune 5 Sagittarius 19 19S39
Pluto 4 Libra 33 12N52
Node 2 Capricorn 15 23S25
Ascendant 0 Cancer 56 23N26
Midheaven 6 Pisces 28 9S08
Chiron 18 Aries 57

Sun in Libra:

Essentially, you're a nice person and tend to be a bit
more cultured and "better" than those around you. Usually,
you're also diplomatic enough to keep your superiority to
yourself. The more that you become fair-minded, impartial
and unprejudiced, the happier you become. You have the
potential for much social intercourse and favorable public
TIP: dave, to really thrive, you need to be part of a
loving, committed "marriage."
All things being equal, you prefer civil conversation.
You usually do not find reason to raise your voice or to use
crude language at inappropriate times. Embarrassment can be
an issue for you. You like to ask for advice, but do not
like to be told what to do. You can get a cushy job in a
swanky environment.

Sun Undecile Moon:

You tend to like people and are friendly yet detached.
You can be more socially conscious than most people.
TIP: Join a group of like kindred people.

Sun Triseptile Mars:

A wholesome approach to the pursuit of your goals brings
an abundance of physical energy. Just doing it has a subtle
power that you can tap. You've got a LUCKY 7 going for you
here. To increase your good luck buy and wear a lucky hat or
cap. Take a day of rest and think of new ways to brighten
your physical body. You can take a different approach to
TIP: Seek the pillars of physical wisdom.
In the chase after what you want, you're driven,
willful, energetic, assertive, competitive, dramatic and
enterprising. In the pursuit of your goals, you're willing
to work hard and if necessary face danger. You tend to do
what you think is right and are not one to give up or give
in to fear. To become a star you need to channel some of
your energy into physical activity, athletics and exercise.
When you're restless, you need to work out.

Sun Biquintile Midheaven:

You know how to turn on the charm and get what you want.
You'd make a good model or fashion designer.

Chapter 3. Moon in Your Chart
You like to maintain your dignity and keep your
emotional life in check. Normally, you're somewhat cautious,
shy and reserved. Under stress, you can get very cold and
business like. Your critics may say that you have no
feelings. Probably you got this way from your mom who was
not the most huggy kissy person in the world.
Let go of harsh self judgements. Focus on realistic self
improvement projects. You can be uptight and rigid. You
could benefit from professional body work, massage,
chiropractic care and the lot. Pay more attention to your
body and its basic animal needs.
Respond more to your feelings. Take a calculated risk to
find out who really loves you. Try a classical approach to
love. The more clearly you can define your concept of fun,
the more fun you will have.
TIP: To enjoy success, you must first respect the rights
of others.
You're pragmatic. You can work hard and obtain many of
your ambitions. Money, power and status interest you, and
you're responsible enough to get them. Discipline, patience
and commitment will win the day for you. It's O.K. for you
to reach the top spot.

Moon Tridecile Mars:

You like to be candid, sincere and excitable. Your mom
could be a bit of a hot head. One way or another, you deal
with intense emotions. Find a safe way to feel your
Once you learn to control your temper you can succeed
with people. Maintain an even flow of emotions. Be brave and
you will overcome obstacles. Caring is one thing and
criticism is another. People are touchy and appreciate any
sensitivity you show for them. Burn off some steam. Enjoy
some competitive sport.
TIP Pace yourself to your partner.
Get psyched and take the initiative. Start new projects.
Yes, it is up to you to fire the emotional charge and get
things going in your life.

Moon Square Chiron:

You can do great healing work in conjunction with your
dreams. Read books that explore dreams in a variety of ways.
Write letters with your dreams and mail them to yourself.
TIP: Take a maverick stance to "dream work."


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