Monday, May 23, 2005

A Man, A Plan, A Blog, Logan's Dave

Ok, so maybe that's not the greatest use of someone else's title, but I like it.


So, what was up with Saturday? Was it not one of the more perfect days? I was certainly in a good, good mood. For one, it was a perfect day for cycling. Perfect. Warm, but not too warm, a nice, light wind to keep you cool, and sunny. Oh so damn sunny. I rode 55 miles. The I stopped because I got hungry and ran out of Gatorade. Saturday night, my best friend and my friend T went to the Wolves Game, which turned out to be in my top 10 all-time hockey games I have attended. Kari Lehtonen recorded a shutout, we tallied a short-handed, empty net goal, and there were 103 penalty minutes in the second period. At one point, there were 7 people in each penalty box. It was amazing. There wasn't enough room. Not to mention that one of my all-time favorite players(well, to taunt) now plays for the Manitoba Moose. None other than Cory Pecker. I don't even have to tell you what kind of fun can be had with that last name.

After hockey, we went to out for some karaoke, and well, tore the place up. As we are apt to do. Yesterday, thanks to the amount of alcohol I imbibed on Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed. I finally got to sit down and watch the CSI written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, though. Well done.

More later, once I get my head back on.


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