Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Unbearable Lightness of Pub Quiz

Red had the night off last night and wanted to hang out. Of course, Tuesday night is my regular pub quiz night at the Globe, so I invited her there. She was reluctant at first, but then she decided to come out. I think she had fun. They wound up in second place.

But I think that she and my friend A had an advantage. The Dead or Canadian round last night was factiods about either myself of my friend and co-quiz-host Jen, and those who know me or Jen did pretty well. Other folks, well, most of the questions were toss-ups, but I think most folks could take a decent stab at it.

Here, try your own hand at it:

1) Born on mom’s 30th birthday.
2) Graduated from college cum laude.
3) Was invited to try out for the 1992 Olympic Games(bonus if you name the sport).
4) Has flat feet.
5) Broke their collarbone as a child by falling out of bed.
6) Was lead singer for their college band, Tea on the Lawn.
7) Can play the flute.
8) Has been an extra in an independent film.
9) Can drive a tractor.
10) Orders CD’s by group, then chronologically by album.
11) The New York Met owns a painting by an ancestor of them.

I'd say answer in comments, but that'll make so everyone can see everyone else's answers. Shoot it in an e-mail over to and I'll post the highest score later on.


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