Friday, May 13, 2005

Yet another first.

I was just on the phone with a client of ours. He forgot his password. I asked him for his account number. He said "I don't have it in front of me right now." I tried to look up his information, but did not have a listing for his last name. I recommended that he call his broker for that information.

Here's here things got scary. As he's confirming with me that he should call his broker, I hear a toilet flush. Not in a quiet, across-the-house kind of flush, but a I-just-stood-up-and-hit-the-handle kind of flush.

I don't know about the general public, but I don't like to be on the phone and the toilet simulaneously, and I'm all for multi-tasking. There's just certain things I don't like to do together. Cooking and changing Mia's litter box is a perfect example. But when my friends are on the pot and talking to me on the phone, I point it out, not that it grosses me out or anything, but I like to tease, and that is a perfect opportunity to do so.

However, when placing a business phone call, I can't imagine doing such a thing. It did underline the fact that he truly didn't have his account number in front of him, though.

Must be Friday the 13th or something.


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