Thursday, June 02, 2005

A message to you, Rudy

I just read about the possibility of the IHA- International Hockey Association, a venture of Rudy Giuliani and Maurice Strong, a Canadian diplomat.

Hm. I know Rudy means well, but the problems that have been plaguing the NHL for the past few years are more than likely going to come right after the IHA, unless you're willing to make mondo changes. Here's a brief list of the changes I'd make:

#1- No hockey below the Mason-Dixon Line. I don't know why it exists. Leave it where it belongs, in the upper Midwest, the northeast, and Canada. It just makes more sense.

#2- Work on those ticket prices. Take a good look at Chicago. Blackhawks championships in my lifetime(ie, since 1973), 0. Rinkside seat price? $250 each. Wolves championships in their 11 year existence, 3(and one in the oven, I hope). Rinkside seat price? $41 each. Make it affordable and exciting, and they will come.

#3- DO NOT try to steal the Stanley Cup from the NHL. That's where it belongs, the holiest of holies. I don't care if it is awarded again or not. Keep your damn mitts off it. Find your own trophy, and name if after anyone but yourselves.

#4- Keep the season, and the number of teams small. At least at first. Last year was the first time I cared about the World Series in 13 years. The only reason I pay any attention to baseball is to make sure my fantasy team is still doing well. The season is too damn long, and after the last strike, I just don't care, so long as the Yankees lose. 82 games is great for a person like me, who watches the standings and take an actual interest in the sport, but your average fan isn't going to want to keep tabs every day. At least, at first, they won't.

#5- How about a women's professional league? I know of more than one woman who plays hockey, and would love to play professionally. Maybe the time is ripe.

Well, there's my nickel's worth of two cents, Rudy. Use it wisely.


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