Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pub Quiz a Go-Go

Last night we broke all previous attendance records at pub quiz. We had a whopping 45 people on 12 teams, all of whom racked their brains over the following rounds:

1) 4-H Clubbing (questions on farm animals)
2) Strange words
3) Match round- Bicycle parts
4) Sports health
5) Dead or Canadian: Single Malt Scotch or Aberdeen Football Legend
6) The picture round, with a link that all of the celebrities had MS
7) General Knowledge

My favorite question of the night I stole from Monday's Jeopardy!:

This famous last name has a father-son duo who won the Congressional Medal of Honor, one for the Civil War, the other for World War Two. What is the last name?

While you're mulling that one over, I'm gonna work on a new story.


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