Thursday, July 14, 2005

Half way there.

Techinically, I'm 52% of the way there. As Jen posted on her blog, I am now posting this map, which indicates each state where my feet have touched the ground:

create your own personalized map of the USA

And if you do your research properly, you'll notice that Bosco has the same map up, however, he's also included a countries visited map. Mine, sadly, is incredibly boring, as I've only ever been to the US and Canada. One of these days, when I can, I'll try to add some countries to my list.

Here's my Canada map, too:

create your own personalized map of Canada
or check out ourVancouver travel guide

Fun with maps... must be Thursday!


Blogger jen said...

Ahhhhh, Mr. Ahrens....trying to gold-dig on states! Tisk-tisk! I only added states that I spent enough time in to decide wheather or not I liked them. If we're counting states we went through on road trips, I could add about 10-12 more!

9:04 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Exactly how long do you suspect it took me to decide I didn't want to live in Wyoming? Or Utah, where I've been, but my feet were on a plane, not on the ground? Or who can forget Georgia? Arkansas? Iowa? Wisconsin?

If your answer is under .000000004 nanoseconds, well, you'd be right.

10:35 AM  

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