Monday, July 04, 2005


I'm at work today. Why? Because I volunteered. Hey, I'm getting overtime and a day off out of the deal. Besides, who wouldn't want to sit at their desk in shorts and sandals? I'm usually in a shirt and tie.

But it's so boring around here. One call in the last 1:48.


And it went like this:
Cust: Can I get the TRYLW password for the week?"
Me: 4574.
Cust: Thanks. Have a good day.

Total elapsed time? 12 seconds, give or take.

So today isn't nearly as exciting as the rest of my weekend.

Friday, I was supposed to go out, hang with friends, see a couple bands, etc, etc. I fell asleep on the couch, cellphone on vibrate in my bedroom. Oops. Had a few missed calls when I finally found my phone. Saturday morning J and I went to IKEA aka SHOP for some much-needed clothing storage devices. I bought myself a wonderful wardrobe which holds almost all of my clothes- including all my hockey sweaters. Saturday night was fun, too, with drinks, karaoke, and more drinks. Sadly, this made for a very hungover Dave Sunday morning, when my popularity reached an unexpected zenith, with phone call after phone call coming in. I had just hung up after making breakfast plans with one friend when my friend D called:

D: Hey, what are you up to this afternoon?
Me: (realizing where this was going) Nothing.
D: Wanna go to the Cubs game?
Me: What time?
D: 1:20, I think.
Me: Where are we sitting?
D: In about the best fuckin' seats we'll have in our entire lives.
Me: Sure.

He didn't lie. Not that D usually opts to stretch the truth. We were 3 rows from the Nationals' on-deck circle. If you were watching the game yesterday, there's a very strong possiblity you would have seen me in the stands, attempting to enjoy Budweiser products and stay cool. Pictures to follow.

Anyways, I'm going to try to write some pub quiz questions to pass the time.


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