Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The biggest problem this guy is facing.

[a child is fussing and crying the background]
Customer: I'm not sure what the program is called.
Me: I need to know that in order to help you best. Are you not at your computer?
Customer: I'm in [city, state].
Me(leading the caller): So... you're... not at your computer?
Customer: Well, we've got a power outage because of the hurricane.

Now, I'm not a father (save for my cat). Nor have I ever been in a hurricane. But, I do have priorities, and one of them, especially when faced with impending disaster, isn't whether or not my simulated trading account, which I couldn't access anyways as there is no electricity, is working properly. If I'm in this guy's shoes, I'm getting my family and myself as far out of harm's way as possible.

Then again, I've been called overprotective before, even repeatedly. I'm just like that.


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