Thursday, August 25, 2005

Papa Allegra

My father, renowned crazy guy, teacher of math and computer science, alleged heretic and all-around nice guy, will be featured on WCCO Radio this morning at 11:10 Central. He'll be talking about how the government isn't funding his usual summertime NYSP, which is a sports and education program for economically disadvantaged children. My father has put his all into this project for years, and although it makes him crazy busy every summer, I can't picture him without it. He, like me, has a hard time sitting still.

I'm already logged onto their streaming broadcast, and counting the minutes.

In response to his e-mail informing me of his soon to be radio fame, I sent him to this website, knowing full well that he'd laugh his ass off at it. I will predict, at this time, that my birthday present will probably include one of the items on that site. We're like that- crazy nerds who have absurd senses of humor. I offer into evidence, exhibit A, my birthday present to my father this year:

Of course, if you're not into integral calculus like we are, you might want to know the full explanation:

Not bad, huh?


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