Friday, September 02, 2005

How I got my license.

The Driver's Services Station in Chadwick, IL is my preferred method of renewing the good ol' license. I've used it for my last 3 licenses. Chadwick, of course, is only 9.6 miles from my grandparents' farm, which is 132 miles from my house. Why would I go all that way out of my way for a license? Simple numbers. Chadwick has 500 people, Chicago has well, 2,869,121. The stations here take 2 hours. Out there, here's what happened:

10:22 arrived at the station. Had some problems with the lock, as someone accidentally locked the door.
10:22:30 heard from the desk clerk "we're trying to catch up around here." Took a number and had a seat.
10:26:15 my number is called.
10:26:25 I'm at the desk, and have informed the clerk that I need to renew and change my address. I produce 3 mailed items with my current address and my current license.
10:26:45 the clerk has pulled up my record. We have a conversation about my hair- whether or not I'll grow it back again. He manually enters 'bald' for hair color. I take a moment to be very proud. I pay the $10 fee.
10:27:25 my new information entered, I take the vision test, and pass with flying colors.
10:27:55 I'm having my picture taken.
10:28:05 I'm back in my seat, waiting for my new license.
10:29:30 I have my new license, and I'm out the door.

That's what I call service!


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