Thursday, September 15, 2005

It must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

I can't decide what or who to blame (my stomach or my customers), but I'm just plain grumpy today. I shouldn't be, either. We're all of 9 days from the big wedding, which means I get to a) go to Boston, b) see Wendy and Joey, c) stay in a hotel (I just love hotels) and d) get the fuck out of Dodge for a weekend. All good things, believe me. After that, it's the big birthday weekend, and I have made absolutely no plans for the big birthday party.

I usually rotate the location of my birthday party. I like to keep it in the neighborhood, so I have a quick stumble home. As Jen and her wonderful memory tells me, 4 years ago we held a barbecue at our old apartment. Seeing as we don't live there anymore, I think it might be a little risky to just show up with a horde of my friends and party. But the question still remains: What should I do?

As I told a friend of mine who asked specifically about my plans today, I think I might be a little anxious about putting a crooked number up behind that 3. That, or I'm getting anxious about turning older than my ACT score. Maybe I'm finally growing tired of my birthday- but I kinda doubt it.

Anyways, brightening my day right up is the new challenge- how to make church more popular. Full of good nuggets, just like the one above.


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