Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nuggets, updates, and the continuing story of, well me.

Long weekend + busy day yesterday = no blog for you!

I like fall. This is my favorite time of year. It is also when my birthday happens. That might have something to do with it. My birthday this year falls on a pub quiz night, and I've decided I'm going to write and run pub quiz that night, despite my preference to never work at all on my birthday. I figure running pub quiz isn't an actual job, even though sometimes I think it is.

In all honestly, I look forward to each and every Tuesday night I spend there. My quizzers are funny, nice, and die-hard trivia geeks just like me. They make fundraising fun for me. Plus, I get a kick out of being a "teacher." It runs in the family, after all.

My favorite conversation from yesterday:
Customer: Is [coworker B] there?
Me: He's on another line. Can I help you?
Customer: How long are you guys there?
Me: We're open 24 hours, starting Sunday at 4 pm through Friday afternoon at 5.
Customer: Is [B] there 24 hours?
Me: No, that's not really possible.

The best laid plans of Logan's Dave.
I had it all figured out yesterday: take the train home, start printing out pub quiz, then hop on my bike down to For Eyes to pick up my glasses. It was multitasking at its finest, and allowed me plenty of time to take a quick shower and eat before heading to the Globe. My printer, on the other hand, had other ideas, and ran out of ink. Dammit.

I revised the plan to include a stop at Best Buy, pick up new cartridges, then swing to For Eyes, pick up my glasses, and still have time enough to fit everything in comfortably. I hopped on my bike, and charged the 3 miles to the area both stores are located. The Best Buy phase took 7 minutes, most of which was spent waiting in line. No problem, as it was just after 5.

The next phase was For Eyes. I walked in, asked to pick up my glasses, and gave my name. The clerk went back and retrieved my two new pairs of glasses. The first thing I notice is that my new pair of super-sexy sunglasses aren't sunglasses at all, but regular, non-tinted lenses. After checking my records, I am offered the choice of either picking them up the next day or waiting the 15-20 minutes it takes to tint the glasses properly. After a quick consultation of the watch, I opt to wait. I figure it gives me a chance to get used to the new glasses. After 25 minutes of reading and crossword puzzle working, I'm bored, and I look up. The clerk tells me that it should be another 5 minutes or so. Harumph. I bury my head back into my crossword puzzle book, figuring I can work one more in 5 minutes.

I was right. I had time to spare before the manager walked out, holding one of my lenses in his hand, saying "hold this up to your left eye and try it out." I check it out. Horrible. I like my sunglasses dark. Very dark. Matrix dark. I elect to have them tint them overnight, hopefully achieving the desired results. Picking up one pair new glasses, 8 minutes. Waiting for the second pair, which didn't work, 36 minutes. Wasting precious time that could be spent eating and showering: priceless.

So today I will make yet another trek to the inconvenient location to pick up my day-late-and-dollar-short sunglasses. Joy of joys.

So long, little buddy.

Rest in peace, Bob Denver.


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