Friday, September 02, 2005

Sick of myself

I haven't blogged in two days. At least, not here. I've been too busy reading about what's going on in New Orleans, and wondering what the fuck is happening. I find it hard to write about myself when shit like that is going on. Now that the dust has settled from the Freudian battle inside my head, I can report that Id has defeated Super Ego in a narrow victory, and I'm going to talk about myself again.

Not that anything major has happened recently. Although I did finally go to the eye doctor yesterday, something I've been meaning to do since I was going out with Red. Everything seems ok with my eyes, and get this, my prescription is getting weaker with time. You read that right- my eyesight is getting better with age. Not that my sight is particularly bad- as of yesterday my left eye is -1.25, right is -1.00, but improvement is improvement. What's most exciting is getting new glasses for the first time in 3 years- and just in time for a certain wedding that I'm trying to look my best for.

Jen did the favor that she has done for me for years, and met me at For Eyes on Clark for my appointment. She's been a good fashion consultant, especially where eyewear is concerned, for too long for me to trust the job to anyone else. Of course, I'm starting to think that the job might become obsolete. The doctor, at the end of my exam, asked me if I had ever considered wearing contacts. Honestly, the thought has almost never crossed my mind. For one thing, I like the way I look in glasses, but after getting my new license* last weekend, and having my picture taken without them, well, I can see myself leaning the other way. Of course, in order to wear contacts, I would have to overcome a very deep-seeded fear.

When I was 8, I had pink eye. I had it bad. It was gross. So gross I'm going to put a disclaimer on this: the next few sentences are not pretty. Anyways. I woke up one morning, and my eye was itchy. I didn't think much of it, as I was a kid, so I went through the day with an itchy eye. No big whoop. No big whoop, at least, until the next morning, when my eye was sealed shut with green, nasty crusted stuff, which had also run down the side of my face and dried all green and nasty there. It was gross. I went to the doctor, and it didn't take long for them to figure it out, and get me on anti-biotics and all kinds of shit to clear up my eye. I was teased with the idea of wearing an eye patch. Ew. Gross. Nasty. This went on for five fucking days before I got better. Since then, I haven't let anything come too close to my eye- even myself. So contacts might be a challenge.

It would be nice, though, to not have to carry clips around, which I perpetually lose, or worse, put through the laundry (this has happened more than once). I am going this time with 2 pairs, one sunglasses, one normal. And I think the new specs will look really, really good. Time will tell.

*More on this story later.


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