Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The greatest photoshop contest on ever.

Is here. Photoshopped song lyrics. I now wish, more than ever, that I had any photoshop skills at all. Thanks to everyone who has entered.

It reminds me of a contest that Jen and I entered, which was run by a couple of our friends. It was a Power Point Film Festival- and it was hella fun. The theme, as I recall, was to interpret a children's story. Jen and I did A Boy Named Sue by Shel Silverstein, and it was classic. I wonder if I still have that somewhere. I sure hope so, as that was a blast. I think we should revive that film festival, see what we can get done. After all, it was so fun the first time, why not go it again? I just don't want to run it. Not enough time in my days, anyways.

This weekend, I'm helping my friend A move back home to just outside Detroit. I get the fun of driving a truck for 6 hours coupled with a night out on the town with a great friend and drinking buddy! Whoo-hoo!


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