Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Save it for the morning after

Yesterday was a great birthday. Thanks to all who wrote, called, e-mailed, e-carded, et al. My friends, almost every day, truly make my life worth living, and I thank you all.

It was fairly exhausting, however, to run pub quiz last night. Jen and I hosted 60 people. 60. The room was packed to the rafters, literally. But it was fun, people enjoyed themselves. I decided to revive an old grade school tradition, and I brought candy in for my quizzers, and they sang happy birthday to me, which was nice. Afterwards, there were drinks to be had. All told, I think I did four Irish car bombs before stumbling home to pass out. And the passing out was wonderful. I woke up this morning with no hangover whatsoever. Fortune favors the foolish.

Next up on my agenda, I'm heading home for lunch, then some bumming around the apartment (read: cleaning), then I'm off to the Blackhawks game. Yes, dear reader, after all my bitching about the NHL, I'm going back. I am a hockey junkie, and I need my fix.

More tomorrow, when I go back to work.


Blogger cynthia said...

happy belated!

2:39 PM  
Blogger Henry said...

Ditto Cynthia's comment


4:21 PM  

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