Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Scenes from a car.

I swear. A lot. I know. If I ever had a swear jar, I'd be out of cash very, very quickly, save for my swear jar.

So, as we're driving to the game on Saturday, I put together quite a string of profane remarks towards another driver.

"Wow, Dave," said my mother, "driving brings out the best in you."

I replied, "that's nothing. You should see me at work."

And to futher promote some levity, how about a quick list of the songs CC Deville is going to rewrite during his jail sentence:

Look What the Guard Dragged In
Talk Plea-Bargain to Me
Nothin' But Some Yard Time
Love on the Cots
Every Con Plugged My Butt
Tearin' Down the Walls

To name a few.


Blogger Mike Overall said...

CC went to jail? Aw man...Poison sucks.

Every Con Plugged My Butt...ha ha ha

Mike Overall

10:59 AM  

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