Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Pun intended, folks. Pun intended.

Ceerock, one the rockinest girls I have had the pleasure to know, posted a link to the Netflix History Analyzer, as well as her results.

I'm not sure I like mine. Back in the good old days working at Tower, it was almost every shift that I was renting a movie or two. Why? Because it was free. Plus, I had a whole lot less going on in my life at the time, and spending evenings in with my sweetie was awesome. Those, as they say, were the days. Post-Tower, I didn't rent nearly as often, mostly because I hated the idea of paying to rent movies again. It truly is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I finally caved on the Netflix issue, because I got a free trial and quoted Risky Business.

I have to admit that I like Netflix- it is rather convenient for me, when I have a free night, instead of wasting time at the video store to say to myself "well, you've got x, y, and z from Netflix- open a bottle of wine and hit the couch!" The thing I don't like is that I frequently get in a mood for a certain type of film, add 6 or 7 to my queue, and when they arrive, I wonder just what the hell I was thinking.

My 411:
You've rented 113 DVDs over 12 months from October 04, 2004 to October 12, 2005.
Your plan costs $17.99/month so you've paid $215.88 total.
Your average price per rental was approximately $1.91 each.
Average rental costs elsewhere are $4.50 each (not including late fees).
You've saved approximately $292.62 over your membership lifetime or $24.39 per month.
You kept each rental for around 8 days on average.
The longest you kept a single DVD was 37 days: Sid & Nancy (1986).
You rented about 9 DVDs each month.
You're not taking full advantage of your current plan. You could be renting 19 DVDs each month.

My numbers aren't nearly as impressive as Ceerock's.

How could I be renting 19 DVDs a month? I figure that to be approximately 38 hours of viewing time. I'm very happy that Netflix thinks I can devote an entire workweek to watching DVDs, but that's just not the case, folks. I'm too damn busy to watch movies 5 days a week, otherwise, believe, me, I would. TV just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I didn't realize I had Sid & Nancy for 37 days. Wow. I was supposed to watch that with a friend, but we never had the time to get together. Finally, I just plopped myself on the couch and watched it. I'm pretty sure that's skewing my average rental time, too.

Just cool to know, I guess. Follow the instructions on the Netflix History Analyzer and you can check your Netflix "efficiency."


Blogger cynthia said...

yeah i apparently kept a disc out for 59 days (i'm too embarassed to say which one), which i didn't realize either, and probably skewed my results. i do tend to send them back the next day most of the time, but i agree that it would be pretty impossible to actually watch 19 movies a month.

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