Thursday, October 27, 2005

So it was a late night.

I went over to my friend A's house yesterday to watch the big game, and was the only person there who had a working knowledge of baseball. Honestly, the fact that A's cat will compulsively lick his chest when you scratch his back was more entertaining to them. Good friends, though, and we did a fair amount of drinking up to and through the end of the game. A broke out his hooka, and some fine apple tobacco was smoked.

Good times.

So, this morning I am craving some kind of fried potato product. I would love me some potato pancakes or something. Just enough grease to kill off my post-boozin' hunger. Oatmeal is not doing the trick. This is what I get for staying up til all hours and watching baseball and root-root-rooting for one of my home teams and partying too hearty.


Blogger cynthia said...

have you ever had potato cakes? not potato pancakes, but potato cakes...a rockwell family tradition for the morning after thanksgiving or christmas...the trick is you have to have leftover cold mashed potatoes--must be cold, because you must slice them into patties, dip in flour, and fry 'em up in oil so the outside is crispy brown and the inside soft and gooey...maybe add some fried onions...awesome alternative to hash browns for breakfast...yum...

11:04 AM  

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