Monday, November 28, 2005

Grumpy and wet

I peeked out my window this morning and saw a car sitting outside my house. I also saw that it was raining, so I made sure to pack my umbrella before I left. The car pulled out and left, so I got dressed and headed out. I whipped out my umbrella and went to open it when the top flew right off.

I was stuck holding a handle and a very sharp stick. A sharp stick doesn't do much to keep me dry, so I cursed and walked back up to my apartment, in search of another umbrella. I found my friend's umbrella. He left it at pub quiz a couple weeks ago, and hasn't been back for it. I opened it.

Sure enough, broken. No wonder he didn't seem to miss it. "Fuck it, I'll wear a hat" I said and marched to my el station. I stopped to pick up my free copy of Red Eye, the Tribune's 20-something oriented newspaper. I like to do the crossword, and lately, the Sudoku. It should also be mentioned that I am no longer a twenty-something as well. The only copies were from last Friday. I guess I was out too early in the morning to get a copy.

As we got closer to downtown, I realized that the rain was intensifying. Damn. I got off the train and hoofed it past the Sears Tower when I realized I was soaking. I finally got to Union Station and realized I could take the underground route. I saved myself 2 blocks of walking in the rain by cutting though the food court and sneaking out the loading dock. I was very pleased with myself.

Now I'm at work, drier, and getting a more positive attitude. At least, I'm trying to. I've got some pub quiz ideas I have to write before they start to fade, but I promise a holiday weekend recap as soon as I have time.


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