Friday, November 11, 2005

I sing the body electric

Well, today I'm singing about my body electric, and how I feel about 400 times better than I did this time yesterday. What, you ask, was the magical rememdy? It could be any one of the following:

One of the two Hot Toddies I drank (with some yummy Maker's Mark).
One of the two Guinness I drank.
The Denis Leary special (I'm talking big N, little y, big fuckin' Q...) I took before bed last night.

I'm guessing one of those three things, or the perfect combination thereof, is what has me on the mend. Either that, or my body finally decided to fight back against whatever it was that was making me so unhappily sick. Thanks should go to my cat as well, who snuggled with me all night last night, hoping that I'd feel better.

Now, I have time for more important things, like writing some pub quiz rounds which came to me in my dreams last night. I love it when inspiration comes to me at odd times. Makes life spicier, doesn't it?


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