Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Road trip, part 1 [Redux]

I just finished writing a book about the road trip I took last weekend, when Blogger fucked me over. Let me sum up.

I drove my friend and her belongings to Detroit last weekend. It took 2.5 hours just to leave Chicago, and we had some problems with the hitch on our trailer.

I had fun in Detroit at this bar.

I hate Amtrak, for all the delays they put me though and for the guy who apparently thought I was underage.

I was frazzled when I got back here, but had some food and drinks with friends, watched a movie with the new apple of my eye, and slept on it. I'm much better now.

If you see my poor lost post, with all the pictures and links I put into it that I can't possibly be bothered to redo, please feed it and care for it until I can pick it up.


Blogger Henry said...

Hey Dave,

Try the Flock browser, if you are able to at work. It's built on Firefox and allows blog posting from the browser itself. It's at


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