Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2 hours, 50 minutes to go.

If I believed in a higher power, I'd be thanking it for that little factoid. 2 hours, 50 minutes to go.

I just spoke with my boss. He's going to let me out of here at 2:30, a full hour before I'm supposed to leave. Again, I'd be thanking that higher power.

I'm thinking I'll jet to the bank, as my direct deposit is still not set up, jet to the Kinko's for some pub quiz work, and jet home for a power nap of amazing skill.

I have to admit that this hasn't been the toughest day I've had here, but it has been rough. I can't really concentrate on what the callers are saying. I forget numbers easily, which is not something I usually do. I have yet to jam my keyboard through my desk- but something tells me that I'd be lacking a certain zeal to do that today.

Maybe tomorrow.


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