Thursday, January 05, 2006


I am what I would consider to be an experienced public transportation user. I can successfully navigate the transit systems of Chicago, New York, or Boston, with relative ease. I'm learning Toronto, too, but haven't even tried to figure out the streetcar thing. I'm more of a train guy, anyways.

Yesterday, something happened to me that I can't remember ever happening to me before.

This guy got on the train a few stops after I did. I don't remember how I noticed him, but I saw him outside the train, and watched him walk on.

I could tell something felt weird already. My spidey sense, my Jedi instincts, and my hair were all standing on end doing cartwheels.

He turned to the woman sitting in front of me, she had her backpack sitting on the seat next to her. The weird guy looked at her demandingly then cast his gaze at her backpack impatiently. That's when it hit me.

I wanted to beat the living shit out of him. Not a nice, hit him, let him fall down kind of beating. The kind where I get so feral that I'm actually biting and scratching at his skull. I was nervous about this.

He sat there, oblivious to my fuming. I thought this guy was an absolute dick for not saying excuse me to the woman with the backpack. I thought he was an asshole for just being him. Why? Just because he's a little rude?

Apparently, that was all it took. Fortunately, before I resolved myself to jumping this poor foolish man, he stood and got off the train. As he did, the woman with the backpack caught my eyes and noticed I was less than happy with her former seatmate and smiled an understanding smile. I guess I wasn't the only person who thought he was an ass.


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