Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sasstastic Volume 2: Friday

Because we a) closed the Globe and b) drank two Jagermeisters, Friday morning started rather late. This was fine with all parties involved, but when we finally got rolling, I was really damn hungry. Food was a top priority, and as my guest is particularly fond of corned beef hash, breakfast food was suggested. Fortunately, my neighborhood is rife with breakfast places. I decided the best route would be the Zephyr Cafe, one of my personal favorites. The Zephyr is a brisk walk from my house*, but because my roommate wanted to go and she abhors walking, well, there was a quick car ride.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our breakfasts and headed back to my apartment. My direct deposit paperwork has yet to go through, I needed to pickup my paycheck downtown and had forgotten my work keycard on my dresser. Sass and I hopped the el heading south and all told, took 3 trains to get to work, as I figured she isn't as accustomed to walking as much as I am. We arrived at my building, which there are restrictions for entrance for non-employees. I suggested she have a cigarette while I made the trip up to my office to get the riches owed to me. After that quick stop, we headed west on Jackson to the Board of Trade, where my bank has a branch, then headed to the Art Institute for an afternoon of culture.

It turns out that we have similar tastes in art, so we stuck primarily to the 20th century collection, which includes my personal favorite, Time Transfixed by Rene Magritte. Sass is a big Salvador Dali fan. I, after seeing his works in a completely different way than before, became a Yves Tanguy fan on this trip. We spent quite a bit of time in the museum shop, and we both took a long look at these bookends, but opted to not spend the money (without knowing how much they were).

It had started raining, so we made a quick dash from the Institute to the Brown Line, and got back to my house rather quickly. After a quick break, as our feet were not the happiest they could have been, we headed out to the Wolves game mentioned in this story. After spending the third period basically laughing and crying, we were back in the city, and weighing our options. My friend S had called and asked me out for a beer at the Globe, which I nixed, but said we might go to Resi's for a couple beers.

I knew that Sass would absolutely love Resi's, and was very exited to get there. I don't think we were inside the door for more than 10 seconds when she fell in love with the place. We closed the bar down that night as well. Before my friend S left, he pulled me aside. "She's with you, right?"

"[Sass], you mean? Yeah. She's visiting from Toronto."

"Damn, you're a lucky man."

Exhaustion took control of the evening, so it was off to slumber after that. Walking around the Art Institute is rather exhausting, after all.

Keep watching for Sasstastic Volume 3.

*It should be noted that I can never remember which street the Zephyr is on- one of those geographical holes in my head, as it were. My estimate of the distance was two blocks short of the actual trek.


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