Thursday, February 02, 2006

Photoblog for a day.

I was brushing my teeth last night when I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes. Sass says I have sexy eyebrows. She is one of two people I've ever met who have told me that. Me, I think my eyes are much sexier. I hear tell that the eyes are the window to the soul- something I believe is true. My eyes have a peculiar feature, one I really, really like. See, in certain moods or light they're not really brown eyes. They're golden with brown in the middle, with little flecks of brown shooting out from the pupil. A certain ex and I would spend weekend mornings in bed staring in each other's eyes and being all schmoopy and shit. She used to always say "what are you so happy about? I can see it in your eyes."

Back to the point- I know that somewhere, I have a digital picture of my eye in just such a state. This morning I made a note to go looking for it. I haven't found it, which is a shame, as it is a really cool thing. I have, however, found a cache of pictures that I've downloaded, taken, or had taken of me that I've been meaning to post on here, so I'm putting up these random photos, starting with the Darwin fish humping the Jesus fish. I wish I remember where I got that from, I'd love to give credit to that person.

Next up, a picture from a party I attended some time ago, where some friends and I were joking about having our picture taken while giving the finger. This, is the same party where one of my favorite pictures of me was taken, where I am wearing a cowboy hat and a hockey sweater. Personally, I think I look pretty damn good in a hockey sweater. I also think I look pretty damn good in a cowboy hat, too. Put 'em together? Why not? Throw a beer or F and V in there, too! Yummy!

For a while I was playing around with those cool little toys- Tombstone Generator and Church Sign Generator. I liked playing with them, and made more than enough of each, and saved my favorites for posterity. Of course, there are too many to post them all. I should make another photo gallery and put them all on there. Sounds like I'd have to do work, though, and I can't see that happening this week.

I know that there's more than enough Fark photoshop contest pictures that I've downloaded and displayed, but I really love the Hymn-Do-Ku someone posted for some reason at some time, it ranks up amongst my favorites. Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I had photoshop skills, so that I could share with the world my ideas. Lucky for everyone involved, though, that I can't even draw that well, so I'm not likely to start doing a lot of photo manipulation. Art class was never my strong point. Ask any of my teachers- I was much better at science and math and languages. Although I did have some art displayed in a mall somewhere at some time. One of those "you're a good kid doing art, so we're going to put you in a display with other talented kids" type deals. Funny, I can't for the life of me remember what the hell I had in there.

Speaking of olden, golden times, here's a shot of me and some friends in high school. See if you can guess which one I am- I look quite a bit different now. Those, however, were the days. Way back when. When I was young and knew everything, you know, before I got old and stupid.

anyways. I know I'm no Photojunkie (by the way, his pictures of Maria and Jay are two of my favorites in his collection), but back in the day, I was quite the photog myself. I think, somewhere in my messy, cluttered apartment, I might still have some of those shots I took way back when I thought I might make a career out of taking pictures.

Sounds like another project I'm not likely to get to without suddenly discovering that I've won the lottery and having lots and lots of spare time. Anyone know of a sugarmama who needs a pet?


Blogger Maria said...

Hi, the reason I look so good in those pictures is because he is SUCH a good photographer.
No, really; a photographer came to work to take pictures for the company website, I looked like shit in all of them. I was a bit traumatized thinking I was super ugly and what not. Now I realize he was a BAD photographer, and I'm not that ugly :)
Rannie is the best.
I love your darwin fish humping the jesus fish picture.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Exhomeless-Guy said...

I love the church sign generator, it inspired me to make a similar generator site on

12:00 PM  
Blogger Postmodern Sass said...

You do have sexy eyebrows. And you know your blog has truly arrived when you start getting spam comments.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

A good photographer, my dear Maria, draws the beauty out of their subject.

I have another picture of a Jesus fish that says "Jeebus" in the middle of it. I'll post that one soon.

My dearest Sass, I have been waiting almost 20 years for an explanation from my other friend who told me I had sexy eyebrows. I just don't get it- how are eyebrows sexy?

7:58 AM  

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