Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sports Illustrated Covers of Yore

One of our traders who sits in our office to do his day trading asked me to look up the last month's worth of Sports Illustrated covers, you know, because of the curse. I noticed that you could look up covers by date, so I thought to myself, I wonder who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated when I was born?


My co-worker saw this, and asked about it. Naturally, he wanted to know who was on when he was born, and I started laughing when I told him it was a jockey:

This caused another one of my co-workers to make fun of the first, so I looked up his. I believe the line was "At least mine doesn't have a horse jockey on it."
Well, he was right about one thing, there wasn't a jockey on the cover. There were four.

Check out your own here.


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