Thursday, March 02, 2006

Positive feedback?

We've got this tool at work where we're able to control computers remotely. This program is the staple of each and every tech support desk, and I usually use it several times a day. Just yesterday, I used it to help someone learn how to use a scroll bar.

I wish I were kidding.

Normally, by the time I've decided to use this tool, I'm pretty steamed. Normally, I wind up doing something so mundane it actually hurts me to have to use it, but use it I do, and to excess.

What I've just found out is that there is a feedback prompt at the end of the session. Customers have been leaving comments about me, and I didn't even know it! What I really didn't expect is that customers are leaving me positive comments. "Dave was terrific, give him a large raise... Dave is my hero!" "Dave is outstanding. I have always gotten the help I needed when I dealt with him... I will probably take more programming classes because I was so impresed with his proefssionalism."*

I'm sure you're asking yourself what I'm asking myself: What? I was nice enough to a customer for them to leave me a smiley face? Dave was nice enough to two people? What? There's more than that? Is Dave losing his Angriest Man in Chicago Title?

I'm flat-out amazed. My jaw is resting on my desk. I must have sailed under a happy-happy star that day, 'cuz believe me, I even sense the snotty anger in my voice when I talk on the phone to our customers. Some days I wonder why and how I still have a job.

*I left in the spelling errors- I spend enough of my days fixing other people's mistakes to do it on my own blog.


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