Friday, March 10, 2006

Something I need to build before I die...

Earlier this week, before all the excrement so successfully found the way to the air conditioning, I came across this link on fark, and just had to imagine where, and with what time, I could build a project as cool as the one pictured. I would love to spend a winter in a basement just putting that design together. Somehow, I think that might be a part of my retirement package.

Anyways, today was another hell day in this week from hell, which seems to be the general consensus amongst my nearest and dearest. I am welcoming this weekend with open arms and a big smile, c'mon in and set a spell, y'hear? Can I get you a drink?

Today, here in Chicago there was a protest against the new Immigration bill. I had a whole rant about this ready to go, about how my country is turning more and more tyrannical by, seemingly, the hour, but I'm too tired. I've had enough of this week and just want to go see my friend's band tonight and have a couple cold beers and wake up tomorrow for the warmest day of 2006, well, at least, thus far. The photo is courtesy of a friend of a friend who happens to work in the East Loop. I got to watch the marchers pass by my office building, actually. It was quite nice to see so many people exercising their rights. I hope the W saw that and realizes that the bill is wrong.

More on that when I have the energy to make it sound good.


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