Saturday, April 15, 2006

A long, long time ago...

Yesterday was my father's birthday. Let's just say that he's turned an age where I am compelled to give him the gift of a deck of cards. Well, that and a book that I just finished that I think he'd really love. Not that he has much time for reading, what with babysitting LJ and all.

LJ, by the way, is my new nephew, the one I spent so much time playing with that my stepmother asked me when he was getting a playmate.

My response, which at this point is rather well-rehearsed, was that she has definitely bet on the wrong horse- my brother and his wife are definitely in the lead on that one.

Anyways, I was heading to the shower before I stopped to wish my dad a happy birthday a day late on my blog. I'm a little smelly after this morning's first team training ride, a 32-mile jaunt for me. I feel good, except for some knee problems and a couple tight IT bands, but this is normal for me. In a couple weeks, all will be well.

That last line, by the way, is a little white lie I'm telling myself before I get my knee evaluated. C'mon. Let me pretend I'll be able to make it though this summer without injury.


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