Thursday, May 18, 2006

Strangers in the night....

After a particularly unhappy and long shift yesterday, I walked out the door of my office building at 9:25, exhausted and knowing full well that I would have to be back in less than 9 hours. Almost instinctively, my arm went up as a cab came up.

I don't really like taking cabs, especially with the ever rising gas prices raising fares. It now costs me a minimum of $14 to get to or from work. If we set the way-back machine to 2004, it was $12.50 with tip. But out of necessity comes expenditures. My need was to get home, have a glass of the bad Spanish wine I opened the other night, and get to bed early so I could wake up and complete the circle of insanity that is my job.

I got out of the cab about a block and a half from my house, mostly because I didn't want the fare to actually surpass $16. This is my usual M.O., actually. I enjoy the walk, even if it is short. Last night's walk was a treat.

As I walked down Irving Park Road, I saw someone wave at me. It was my friend L, who I haven't seen in at least a month or so, and then only in passing as I was heading home, she was coming in the Globe. She turned off her iPod and gave me a hug. We chatted for a few seconds, we had both just left work and were tired of all the overtime, and all the bullshit that comes from working too much. Oddly enough, this conversation was taking place 8 feet from the door to the Globe.

We discussed, for less than 5 seconds, whether or not we should go in and have a drink. Myself being the indecisive libra that I am, made the shockingly quick decision to go in and buy my friend, who I hadn't seen in a month, a belated birthday drink before I went to bed. Besides, one of the bartenders I like was working, and I don't get to see her that often either, so it was win-win-win for me, two girls I like to spend time with, and alcohol!


We ponied up to the bar, ordered our drinks, and talked about, well, everything. She's got hauntingly beautiful blue-green eyes that I get lost in very easily. At about 11, we both threw in the towel. She hadn't eaten since lunch and my alarm clock was due to shake me awake just after 4, so it was time. She walked me home, and we said goodnight.

I have to say it was really good to hang out with her again- it had been far too long.


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