Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6/6/6... a big day for me.

I didn't win the lottery- at least, I didn't win it by myself. My office pool might have won. The office pool that will cease to exist in the present format on June 16th.

June 16th. I keep thinking about that day.

June 16th is exactly one week before I leave for the MS Ride. Now, I ask, why the fuck didn't they lay me off 3 weeks ago? I could have spent the entire month of June on my bike, and I would have been, as hard as it is to believe, happier.

I'm pretty happy right now. For me, a seriously bad-attituded guy, this is big news. I won't lie to you. I hate my job. I've hated it for a while. It is just impossible to be bombarded with idiotic questions for that long.

I do maintain, however, that the stupidest question ever asked of me had nothing to do with working tech support. I was working at Tower. A woman walked in with her boyfriend. I was working the main register, and she walked up and asked me where we kept our CD's.

I couldn't make this shit up, either.

I was, as rarely happens, speechless. All I could do was point towards, well, the entire goddamn store and say "here."

Tonight was a busy pub quiz, and I am tired. I am bwedded, too. One of the waitresses that works my pub quiz came up to me tonight and said "I'm surprised you're here- weren't you supposed to run off and get married today." I asked her who said I hadn't already. What she doesn't know is that despite her young age, she was on the short list. That mystical list of 6 people I would have actually married today, especially if I had known that I would have been able to blow off work so easily.

Anyways. I'm putting an end to this post and my day. Despite my newly found soon-to-be unemployment, I am restricted by my work ethic to still show up on time tomorrow.

What a drag.


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