Monday, June 26, 2006

Let's give him something to think about...

No, we're not talking about love here, folks. We're talking about a job offer.

My old boss' boss just called, this is the same guy who walked by my desk a week and a half ago and said "there's something different about you, Dave, some kind of glow you have about you." He's offering me my old job back, with a raise, but without overtime, starting tomorrow. I keep any and all severance money I have and have not collected (the next big check comes in on the 30th), and the raise is rather significant.

He specifically requested of me, however, that I work on my attitude with the customers, and that I better control my reactions to them. This is not unreasonable, as I have always been rather short with customers, and perfectly understandable. As he put it, he would look like an idiot if he hired me back only to have to fire me over an incident with a customer.

I, as I told him, completely understand this.

While I really, really don't want that job back, and I really, really do not relish having to go to work tomorrow, it would, however, be nice to not have to worry about work.

Anyways, an answer is expected from me in the next few hours, and I'm throwing it to you, my dear friends and neighbors. Do I, rather literally, sell out to the company who has already paid me generously to no longer work there? Or do I stick with the severance package and potentially fall flat on my face?


Blogger Henry said...

Work for time being, save money, and look for another job at the same time?

I guess that's the practical thing to do.

It all depends on what you plan to do with your time off of work.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

I agree with Henry, my dear b-husband. But it may also be difficult to look for another job, usually just looking is a full time job.

12:17 PM  

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