Sunday, June 11, 2006


"I'm too short for this shit."

-King from Platoon

I sauntered down here today with the intention of blowing off a lot of my usual duties like answering the phone and being nice to idiots. I had also intended on getting in early so I could start transferring my music files from my work computer to my home computer.

Ordinarily, I would have used my handy jump drive to do it, but it only has 128MB of space. The music I'm keeping from my work computer (operative word there is keeping) adds up to a whopping 6.79GB.

For those of you scoring at home, this process would mean travelling back and forth to my house 54 times.

Because I am short, short meaning my days in the service of my company are very low-numbered and because I don't feel like shuttling back and for that many times, and even if I did pick up a 1GB drive, there just plain isn't enough time for me to transfer my music, my precious, precious music to my home computer.

What's the solution? (I know you've been waiting for this) It is Go2MyPC, a handy-dandy little program that I've used almost every day since we got it to control other people's computers remotely. Me, I've logged onto my home computer and I've been running a file transfer for 5 hours or so.

This is fun to watch. Oh, and real fun? Playing games on your home computer from your work computer.


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