Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I rock

I also roll, when pushed down a hill. I have taken some 617 pictures with my digital camera in the last 5 weeks or so- and I've only posted a few of them, maybe 20, so I'm putting up a photo post:
This, friends and neighbors, is what you'll see if you're having a conversation with me, and hockey comes on the tv behind your head.
This is what happens when there's a kickass bassline to the song I'm karaoking.
Three beautiful ladies that I am fortunate enough to call friends.
The view of Montrose Harbor from Bosco's balcony, which I managed to brave for a grand total of about 90 seconds.
Two of my favorite Canadian transplants at a Cubs game.

It seems as though blogger doesn't want to load anymore pictures right now, so I guess there'll have to be another installment of picture time with Logan's Dave. Until then!


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Ever use Flickr?

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