Thursday, July 20, 2006

....mmm, iambic pentameter....

Last night I had dinner and attended MacHomer with a young, intelligent, beautiful woman who probably knows more about the Simpsons than I do.

MacHomer is a brilliant show- funny, entertaining, and he does an amazing job with some of the voices, oddly enough, his strongest voice is that of Marge Simpson. Of course, some of the other voices aren't as strong, and you can tell, as those voices are generally done quieter, which makes hearing during the show a rather difficult experience. At times, too, his Homer, Principal Skinner, and Barney all sounded like the same character to me, but he recovered and moved forward. I can't remember the last time I read MacBeth, but he did warn us in the beginning that he wasn't going to stick to the original, and he sure didn't, which made it more fun. Overall, though, I can do nothing but recommend this show to every Simpsons fan I know, and even to those Shakespeare fans I know, too. One thing my companion and I both agreed upon was that Macduff should have been the voice of Duffman, not Barney.

Just a thought, I guess, for future productions, from a fan.


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