Saturday, July 15, 2006

On the Sunnyside of the street

I have to admit that I really like Queens. Especially where Ceerock lives, in Sunnyside. Don't worry, I am not planning on moving back here at all, but I do really like this neighborhood. Very nice. Quiet. The 3am taco/burrito trucks are outstanding, and every bar we've been in so far had someone Irish working, and they knew how to pour a Guinness, although the best method I've seen this weekend was a four pour method. Let me tell you something- it was very tasty.

New York has changed in the last 8 years since I called it home. The people are friendlier, for one thing, even happier. Some of the bars I used to go to aren't there anymore, like the Bullmoose, and that other place where we once sent back a pitcher of beer because there was a cockroach in it. Needless to say, we got a couple free pitchers off of that.

I will not tell you who had already drank some of that pitcher, however.

One of my favorite restaurants is closed, apparently recently, too. This was sad, but came at an ok time, as we had already eaten, even having a gelato at MoMA, my favorite museum in the city. This is still a walking town, and my knees are telling me about how I don't like walking this much. If it weren't for me getting my directions reversed after we got out of hte train station, we would have had a much easier time getting to my favorite bar in the universe, the Stoned Crow. Instead, we wound up much further south than we needed to be. Fortunately, a quick hail of a cab, and we were right there.

I apologized profusely for getting reversed.

Anyways. I hear Ceerock is awake. I need a shower and maybe even a quick trip for breakfast before I head to Manhattan, and to Penn Station again, so the Summer of Dave can continue the first leg of its tour, heading north to Boston for two days. This will be my first ever trip to Boston without a certain redhead living there. Will there be bowling? Will there be a Red Sox game?

Time will tell. I will tell, too. In a day or two.


Blogger Wendy K. said...

Oh boy - I remember the pitcher, but I think I have blocked it out - I drank some, didn't I. DIDN'T I?

I am only a little devastated that you are going to be in Boston without me, in mere hours. My mom said, "Wanna freak Dave out? Tell him I'm mad he didn't call me while he was in Boston." It was the most hilarious thing I'd heard in awhile.

8:54 AM  

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