Thursday, July 20, 2006

Super Crunchy!

I've been spending my morning going over this year's pub quiz and bike team ledger, in hopes that I can make a budget for next year's bike ride and associated fun. We're trying to get some big sponsors for next year, so we're working hard on getting prepared. I'd say this is exciting, but the administrative part isn't the part I like.

The riding the bike part is what I really, really like.

In two weeks, I am heading to Toronto for a few days, including the going away party for Sass. My thoughts are also drifting to other points east, specifically Ceerock, who is stuck in the middle of a brownout, my favorite bar in the universe, and, well, a place I'll definitely have to go, next time I'm in New York:


Blogger Maria said...

Dunkin Donuts? Oh well, I guess you have to go to NY for that, we don't have it here in Toronto.

9:07 AM  

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