Monday, July 10, 2006

Take a walk on the wild side.

Back in the day my friend A and I were known for being big party animals. She's a very good friend who has always done right by me, so when she told me she was moving home to Detroit Rock City, I was sad. When she asked if I could help, I was more than obliged. I of course, am pretty much an expert at moving- I can drive any moving truck, and I know how to pack something fierce. I've got lots of experience moving cross-country.

She brought her new boyfriend with her, J, the guy with the long hair on the right. He's a very fun guy, very down to earth, and most importantly, very nice to my friend. He met with the Dave standards of now-you-can-date-my-friend even if he is a Red Wings fan. Nobody's perfect. Our first night of extreme partying included 3 different bars and one 4am trip to the 24-hour taqueria, where A had some trouble with the green sauce, which she more appropriately calls "liquid green crack" because it is just too damn good for words. I was rather taken back by the fact that my steak tacos with extra cheese and to tomato came to the table as steak tacos with onion and cilantro, but was too hungry and drunk to complain or wait to have them add cheese.

The next morning I woke up and took painkillers, then went back to sleep in hopes that my hangover wouldn't be as bad as I thought it was. A and J woke up a couple hours later. He was heading to the store to get some Gatorade. They asked if I needed anything, and I mentioned that an athlete does live in the house, and that there was plenty of Gatorade in the house, but to no avail. They had plans for the afternoon, and I had plans to do stuff around the house, so we went our separate ways.

Around 4:30 I heard my roommate say some very, very good words to me "Binny's has scotch on sale."

"Let me get my shoes."

I called the owner of the Globe, as he is also a big scotch fan, and let him know we were going. Sadly, he was busy, but he's planning on going this week. My goal was to keep the alcohol purchases under $200, and I did so, at least, I did so at Binny's. I got two very nice bottles of sketch, and some special beer for about $145, then we stopped by Trader Joe's, where I replenished my then empty wine rack. All told, although including food, I spent about $230 on booze on Saturday. That ought to last me a while, too. At least, I certainly hope it will.

After dinner, we sampled one of my bottles, then headed out to see the Emerald Lizards, then we headed up for some karaoke, then we headed to the 5am bar, then we finally came home. J went down to the front porch for one last cigarette as A and I got ready for bed. We were talking when I realized he hadn't come up yet, so I went to see what the hold up was. He had fallen asleep with the cigarette in his hand, still burning. I put it out and threatened to fireman carry him up the stairs. He perked up pretty quickly and made it under his own power.

Yesterday started out with a pretty bad hangover which was again counteracted with Gatorade and naproxen sodium. I barely left the couch, other than to get the food I had delivered. I think I'll be taking it easy for a few days, needless to say.


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