Friday, August 25, 2006

A Midsummer Night's Dress Story

(Continued from this post)

After the baseball game, which I'm certain the White Sox commentators announced as "7-3 bad guys," Maria and I walked back to her apartment from the Skydome, and quickly ran into something that made me very happy. We found a guy playing bagpipes, who was more than happy to have his picture taken with myself and Shoshanna, especially after I flipped a Toonie into his case. We kept walking, well, honestly, it was more of a controlled stumble, we made it all they way there, despite the attempts of someone to sell us a sombrero:
Once inside, we both checked our e-mail. Maria wanted to change
for the evening's festivities, so she scampered off to her bedroom while I searched feverishly for news about the job I had applied for. I heard her call from her bedroom 'I'm naaaaked!'

I like to think I'm pretty quick on my feet, even after 4 or 5 Skydome Blues. I laughed, and asked "are you knitting?" A few minutes later, my bwife emerged, but was having a bit of trouble with the zipper on her dress, so she enlisted my help.

After a few minutes struggling with the argumentative zipper, it was finally closed. She looked quite pretty, but something seemed off:
We realized that we had, in our drunkenness, actually rotated the dress about 90 degrees the wrong way, and had to move it around. This began round two of zipper struggles, some partial nudity, and finally, the decision was made that the zipper was stronger than both of us and our will to get the damn dress together properly. Maria begrudgingly changed into a different dress, and we were finally on our way. Mind you, we did not give up without a serious fight, I'm talking about 20 minutes of trying to get a broken zipper to zip, which is just plain dumb, in retrospect. Drunken determination, however, was the prevailing wind at the time.

Damn prevailing wind.

I should state, for the official record, that even though there was nudity, the only lewd behavior was actually on the part of squishy cows:
There's still more from the weekend I spent in Toronto, still more to come, that is, but it'll have to wait, as I'm taking up a last minute invite to go camping this weekend.


Blogger Maria said...

Oh dear, we were so drunk! too bad about my dress, I haven't taken it for fixing yet.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Postmodern Sass said...

See, Maria, a good story doesn't necessarily have to be told -- and sometimes shouldn't be -- on the day it happens. :-)

2:16 PM  

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