Friday, September 08, 2006

FINALLY... I'm on the dole

My friend, and former colleague back at the horrible place I used to work, with all those phone calls and that, who laid me off, you remember, right? Where I used to answer this phone all day, and frequently all night, long? Well, he and I got to talking the other day about finally signing up for unemployment, so we scheduled that we would go this morning. He picked me up at my house at 8:30, we got some coffee for him, and we were on our way to living off of unemployment insurance.

After filling out lots of forms- in pencil I might add, registering with the state skills match program, watching a video on how to complete the unemployment application (which strangely, comes as step 5, the second to last step), and finally meeting with a representative of the state, we decided it was high time for breakfast. After all, the whole process took about 90 minutes, which was less time than I expected, but neither of us had time for breakfast. We discussed options, and decided on a place, but we'd take a peek at the Globe to see if they were open.

They weren't actually open, but the door was. I walked in and the owner told me to go ahead and have a seat. He wondered why I was there so early in the day, and we explained the whole reasoning of how funny it would be to have pints of Guinness with breakfast after leaving the Unemployment Office. So far, just about everyone has agreed that that was the best move possible.

Personally, I had a nice little buzz going before we decided to leave.

And I'm a very happy man.


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