Monday, October 30, 2006

This much I know.

Friday, at the Globe's Halloween party, which I told you about in the previous post, was a very interesting experience for me. Not in the idea that I was working a special event in a bar, that's old to me by now, having been a dj and currently hosting pub quiz. No, the interesting and new bits came from the people who showed up and participated in the scavenger hunt.

It all started when you walked in the bar. You had the option of participating by paying $10 and receiving a tankard with a map and a free drink ticket inside. The map was also available behind the bar, drawn on the mirror. The first clue on the map led you first to a glowing Bud Light sign behind the bar, which then sent you to the Golden Tee game, where the next clue was taped to the side of a pumpkin, which I had helped carve that afternoon:
Marooned he was for many a year
You see him wandering, drinking a beer.
Seek the Flying Kiltsman, he has the clue
To put you on the path that is true.

The Flying Kiltsman, that was me. I was him. So folks came to look for me, and I sent them along to a clue beneath the Arsenal Football Club's flag in the front bar, which then led them to the back, where we made them do a shot and "walk the plank." Somehow or another, I wound up in charge of making people walk the plank, so I had a double-duty. Honestly, the second of my duties was slightly more fun. After walking the plank, blindfolded and spun around after drinking a sugary shot, they were told to find a howling bartender, who served them yet another shot, and then they were entered into a drawing for $100.

What's missing from this description is D, a regular at the bar, who is more than qualified to be the bar's pirate expert. She came in full costume, carrying a flogger. Some folks, who were having troubles walking the plank, received a little "encouragement" from D. Pictures, which were taken almost entirely by her camera, will be available soon. We were, I will say, quite a pair.

Thing two missing from the description is the Globe's own version of grog. It was pineapple juice with orange juice, Sprite, and dark rum. It was sweet and tasty and gave me a massive, 'why-am-I-still-alive' hangover the next morning. Oh, and the name of the pirate ship was The Crimson Beaver, which was also the name of the shot of the night for people to do. The shot was Watermelon Pucker with Sprite, well vodka, and something else I'm chosing to never drink again. Sad that I can't remember precisely was it is.

Needless to say, I'm more than happy the whole thing is over, especially my hangover, which was enough to make me swear off of many different kinds of booze indefinitely. Did I have fun, though? Oh, hell yeah!


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