Friday, November 17, 2006

Armistice Day

Last Saturday was Armistice Day, or remembrance Day, or Veterans Day, depending on which side of the border you hail from, or what you choose to remember. I like to remember it as Armistice Day, and it was the first time in 3 years that I wasn't in Canada to see everyone wearing poppies. Honestly I missed that part the most.

I had spent the night at A's, and woke up early, as I usually do, and sat on her couch watching Bravo reruns of Six Feet Under. A works in a bank, and it was her first Saturday off in months, so she wanted to sleep in, so I was quiet. I was, but my cell phone rang around 11, and it wasn't particularly quiet. I answered as quickly a possible to minimize the amount of disturbance. It was my step-sister calling, she was going to come down from Great Lakes to the city. I offered to buy her the birthday lunch I didn't get to buy her the week before, on her actual birthday. She accepted and asked me what the plan was.

That's when I realized I had made lunch plans for A and I, and she wasn't even awake yet. "Let me check with her, and I'll get back to you in 15 minutes or so," I said. I felt like an idiot, but if worse came to worse, I could always go it alone. I gently woke A up and asked her if she wanted to go, and she did, but she wanted to take our time. I called my sister back and told her we'd meet her at 1, which gave us tons of time to get ready.

We picked up my sister and her boyfriend a little after 1, and headed over to grab some lunch and had some very nice conversation, which somehow or another got steered over to perfumes. My sister wanted a new perfume, and A knew just where to go. I braced for the inevitable- I was going shopping. I rolled my eyes. I secretly dreaded what was coming next. We headed to Water Tower Place and went straight to the fragrance department of Macy's, which, as you might suspect, gave me a headache almost instantly. Too much, too soon. Fortunately, we found what she wanted right away, and then headed out into the mall.

There was talk of going t-shirt shopping- apparently the Navy doesn't provide very comfortable t-shirts. A offered to go with my sister, and leave us guys to fend for ourselves. I took a quick survey and found a saving grace- the high-end games shop, with all the cool toys and fun board games you don't usually get to see. I mean, South Park Chess, people. How could I resist?

We managed to occupy ourselves there for a bit, then I got tired, so I found a comfy chair and had a seat, made a couple phone calls, and then A and my sister arrived. They had fun together, and I got to meet A's sister in the process. It was quite the full day. What's up next in my adventures with a sister in the Navy? Thanksgiving, which, a few months ago, I had pictured completely differently than now.


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