Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

I'm typing without my glasses on. This is probably going to lead to either a headache, or a plethora of typos. Perhaps both. Perhaps the whiskey I drank last night in order to demonstrate the value of releasing the serpent to a college professor at the bar already has the headache covered. Perhaps I need a pill or two. Perhaps three.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, one of my all-time favorite holidays. I'll bet you didn't know this, but it is, technically, a religious holiday. Today you are supposed to give thanks to god for whatever it is you are thankful for. Myself, I try to give thanks to the people who are important to me, whether they can hear me or not, and whether or not I do so in a public forum, like a blog.

I am not, at this time, going to make a list and check it twice. I'm too tired, too hungover, and I still don't have my glasses on. Besides, if you're one of those people, you probably already know it. At the very least, I hope you know it.

Yesterday, I had a very long interview with a company I'm very excited about working for, and I really hope I get the job. Not for the money or the glamour, but for the job itself, one where I think I'll be really happy. Whilst in that interview, I took a skills test on a laptop computer (I still cannot get used to touchpads- someone please teach me how to use one!) and I did very well- I scored 87% in customer service, 85% on my grammar test, and 95% on both spelling and vocabulary. I felt very good about that, except for the fact that I still can't spell embarrass without a spell checker, nor can I distinguish between when to use its vs. it's.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever really paid attention during any of my English classes.

Anyways, I need a shower. I'm hopefully picking up my sister from the train from Great Lakes Naval Base in an hour and change, and then we're driving out to the farm for lunch with one set of grandparents, dinner with the other, and a long drive back to Chicago. After all that, I plan on being out and about with friends and hopefully a certain someone, although she's one of the unlucky people who is required to be at work tomorrow, so I'm not holding my breath. We'll see what happens, I guess.

So, if you're giving thanks today, remember that I am, too. If you're giving thanks to some higher power, try not to mention my name- I'm sure you'll just get in trouble for it. Seriously, have a happy holiday, everyone.


Blogger Henry said...

I hope the whole weekend treated you well, even the hangover. I need to jump down there for a Wolves game. I'd like to add to the average attendance to make sure it's above the chickenhawks.

9:56 AM  

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