Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday.

Thankfully, elections are behind us, and Ricky Santorum is gone, like all those horrible attack ads. I can't say I'm disappointed on either account.

Yesterday, as I headed over to the Globe to drop off some prizes, I saw the sandwich board sitting out, and as I approached, I started to read it, and thought to myself 'hm, there's something written below' and then 'oh, that's just my name' and then 'oh, J must have done today's sign.' I have this thing I do. When I think a woman is pretty, I like to tell them so. That is why my motto of "I do whatever the pretty girls tell me to do" gets me into so much trouble. Especially if the pretty girl knows I think they're pretty, and they know my motto.

Anyways, not too long ago, I spent the afternoon with J (pictured here), and she and I had a blast making fun of each other. She's from Texas, and has that southern drawl I just turns me to putty. I told her she was pretty, and she came back with "you're prettier!"

And I melted.

So, I found her after I talked with the owners and dropped off my prizes. We had a moment. It was funny. All night last night, during pub quiz, folks who noticed kept telling me I was pretty. It was hilarious, and I'm still giggling about it today. It's the little things in life, right, that make it worth living, right?


So, after my moment with the lovely J, I headed to my polling place to exercise my civic duty and voice my opinion about the leadership in my city, county, state and country. When I got in, there was some kind of bruhaha over a voter's registration, he, as well as many other people, had problems with their registration. I, friends and neighbors, had none.

The very nice election judge handed me my ballot, and I instantly noticed something that made me extremely happy. The ballot, instead of the usual hanging-chad style ballot that I had never encountered until I moved to Chicago, had been replaced by the "fill in the arrow style." Back when I first voted, as a senior in high school, that was the form I was handed.

I was a senior in high school and voted for the first time in 1991. It is ever so comforting that Chicago has finally caught up to the early 90's version of ballot I had in Minnesota. I had to hold my tongue when the judge tried to explain it to me. I did, however, interrupt her and tell her that I had, in fact, encountered this very simple way to vote before, and that I was more than familiar with it. I did, after all, vote in Minnesota for 6 years before I moved away and discovered how bassackwards the Chicago system was. I would also like to mention that on the fill in the arrow version, I am undefeated. Watch out America.


Blogger Maria said...

Every time I've voted I've used the "mark beside the candidate you want" system.
Do you think I'm pretty?

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